Vivaldi’s Chamber Concertos

Lisa Kawasaki – baroque flute

Meelis Orgse – baroque violin

Johanna Randvere – baroque cello

Reinut Tepp – harpsichord

“Vivaldi” and “concerto” are, for us, nearly synonymous – the picture of a virtuoso accompanied by an orchestra paints itself. In this concert, however, we wish to offer the audience a fresh experience and present a lesser-known portion of the great composer’s work: Vivaldi’s chamber concertos, in which orchestra is not needed at all and four virtuosos take the center stage.
Reinut Tepp is a favourite of audiences wherever he goes and whatever instrument he plays – be it harpsichord, piano or organ. This time, he once again fascinates the audience on his main instrument, the harpsichord.
Meelis Orgse has stepped out of the comfortable role in Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, and is instead wisely choosing his projects and stage partners, all the while teaching baroque violin in Estonian Academy in Music and Theatre as well as performing home and abroad.
Lisa Kawasaki has come to Estonia from faraway Japan. Although her stay in this country has not been long, her admirable command of the local language may fool you into mistaking her for an estonian – perhaps this is a sign of a great musical mind!
The youngest of the Ensemble, Johanna Randvere, has diverted from the usual path of young cellists by channeling her talent and capability into specializing on baroque cello.

22.11.20 at 18 Kadriorg Castle