Music from wind

Music from the 15th and 16th century

Binchois, Isaac, Senfl, Taverner, White, Lasso etc

Ene Salumäe – organ

Taniel Kirikal – vocal and recorders

Reet Sukk, Taavi-Mats Utt and Andres Siitan – recorders


After the first public concert of Gamut Consort in 2011, many listeners remarked on the astonishing sound of the recorder ensemble, often comparing it to that of an organ. What an honour – to be compared to the “king” of instruments! And so, on that day, the idea of a concert was born.
Recorder and organ, perhaps surprisingly, have a lot in common: much of 15th and 16th century repertoire comes from the same composers, they share musical forms and endeavours. Both are dependent on the movement of air – it is wind that gives voice to the instruments. In this concert, organ and recorder both shine on their own as well as accompany the voice. And, of course, the two will pay together!

27.11.20 at 18 Swedish St. Michael’s Church (Rootsi-Mihkli kirik)