On November 27th 2023, 6 PM

in the White Hall at the House of the Black Heads


Carlotta Colombo – soprano
Alfredo Bernardini – baroque oboe
Alberto Grazzi – baroque bassoon
Arianna Radaelli – harpsichord

Cantatas and trios by Fr. Mancini, G. B. Platti, A. Steffani,D. Scarlatti, G. Fr. Händel

Do you also have the experience that you are ready to listen even to scales when the musicians are at a really high level? Alfredo Bernardini’s ensemble Zefiro unites musicians with this kind of technical perfection and sense of timbre. Tallinn’s program is selected from the finest part of 18th century chamber music, and when it comes to stylistic awareness and artistry, they are among the definite pioneers in the world of early music. Therefore, it is not surprising that their performance geography is wide and the calendar is tight. Yes, Zefiro’s concert in Tallinn is a small miracle in itself and it is good that we have the opportunity to be among the privileged ones.