On December 1st 2023, 5 PM

at Kuressaare Castle Chapter Hall

On December 2nd 2023, 6 PM

in the St. Olaf Hall at the House of the Black Heads

Holborne Consort (The Netherlands)

Teun Wisse, Thomas Triesschijn and Heiko ter Schegget  – renaissance recorders

Music by Bassano, Gabrieli, Ruffo, Gastoldi, Morley, Holborne and others

Every child knows that the best recorder players come from Holland.
Heiko ter Schegget is a musician whose goal is not to get an euro from every pocket, on the contrary – he is for the music and not the other way around. He has shared such values as a professor at the Utrecht Conservatory, as an musician in the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, in the Orchestra of the Dutch Bach Society and, of course, in many other larger and smaller ensembles, all of whom are at the helm of early music. His former students Thomas Triesschijn and Teun Wisse are successful, active musicians who have established themselves in another promised land of early music – Switzerland. When the latter decided to start a recorder trio, they invited their teacher to play with them, despite the geographical complexity.

Bassano, whose name the concert program is associated with, was the most famous dynasty of musicians and instrument makers in 16th-century Italy, a large number of whom were called to London to serve the king. The Holborne Consort uses exact replicas of 16th century recorders. Things fall into place again, because the makers of the originals were from the Bassano family.

It was a somewhat disproportionate introduction to the concert, because the concert features humorous, captivating and cheerful music.





© Petra Nuria Photoghraphy