Versailles — Dreaming or Wide Awake?

Hotteterre, Marais, Philidor and others
Reet Sukk, Taavi-Mats Utt and Lute Duo: Anna Kowalska and Anton Birula (Poland)

At the end of the last millennium I was an apprentice at Fumitaka Saito’s recorder workshop in the Netherlands, and we crafted our first copies of French 18th century recorders. The only conscious modification was the replacement of the ivory with mammoth bone. All of a sudden we were in possession of most inspiring instruments, that unfortunately did not pair well with harpsichords influenced by 20th century tastes. In our quest for suitable accompaniment we ended up finding the lute player Anton Birula who studied at the Hague Royal Conservatory together with us. Our collaboration has never since stopped. These musical encounters have always inspired us, and we are all the more excited to share the result with our home audience.

The king’s court was the dream of all French musicians, and not everyone got to experience it. Included in our programme are those that did make it as well as those that only tried. The pieces are chosen from the most intimate part of their chamber music.



26 November 2019, 6 pm at Narva Hermann Castle (Narva linnus)

27 November 2019, 6 pm at Tallinn Town Hall