Festival opening concert

November 25th 2023, 6 PM

White Hall at the House of the Black Heads

Music by Christoph Graupner, the winner of the audience vote from the final concert of the festival in 2022


Alfredo Bernardini (Italy) – oboe d’amore

 Carlotta Colombo (Italy) – soprano

Endrik Üksvärav – tenor

Tallinn Baroque Orchestra

Kapellmeister Andrew Lawrence-King

It is true that time makes its own corrections, musical taste and preferences change.
When a competition was announced in Leipzig in 1722 to select a music director, J.S. Bach was actually the last choice after Telemann, Gaupner and Fasch. Our inner feeling said that by today, however, perceptions have changed. We were right! At last year’s festival “Tallinn feat. Reval” we performed the cantatas brought to the competition and the audience and radio listeners chose Graupner with a big majority!

The renaissance of Christoph Gaupner‘s music is in its early stages, and we are delighted to be part of this fantastic cultural heritage as pioneers. Nearly 1,500 cantatas, instrumental concerts and an incredible amount of chamber music await both musicians and the audience, and no one will be disappointed. Such a special richness of spirit is perhaps beautifully illustrated by the fact that only two of the works heard today has been printed in modern times. All others are based on Graupner’s manuscript materials.

The Tallinn Baroque Orchestra has received a completely new lease of life during Andrew Lawrence-King‘s tenure as musical leader, and that is why we have decided to invite musicians from among the brightest stars of the early music sky as soloists. Italian baroque oboe virtuoso and conductor Alfredo Bernardini brings the audience a concert on a very special instrument – the oboe d’amore.

Graupner was Kapellmeister in the service of the Count of Darmstadt, and the musicians there were especially famous for their virtuoso soprano. Graupner’s work, of course, took into account this natural wonder, and we are very happy that the participation of Italian soprano Carlotta Colombo allows us to be part of this firework. We are proud to announce that our own tenor Endrik Üksvärav will be Carlotta Colombo’s ensemble partner at this concert.






Photo: Foppe Schut