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Polina Gorschkova, Dorothee Kunst – flutes

 Dominika Malecka, Martyna Pastuszka – violins

 Stephan Sieben – viola

Pavel Serbin – cello, artistic director

Kerzelli, George, Haydn, Tiez

The festival’s finale presents an international array of musicians, who offer us a wonderful opportunity of listening to 18th Century music by once well-known, but by now largely forgotten Russian composers. The era of Catherine the Great saw Russia as a desirable destination for Europe’s musicians. Many of them travelled to Russia and indeed stayed there for the remainder of their lives, composing hundreds of stage works, orchestral- and chamber pieces as well as sacred music. Today’s programme consists of music composed in the 1770-1790s in St Petersburg and Moscow.

28.11.20 at 16 Narva Hermann Castle

29.11.20 at 18 Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads