28 November 2019, 6 pm at St. Paul’s Church, Viljandi

29 November 2019, 7 pm at St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn

Organ Station.
Influencers of the German Organ Baroque

Ene Salumäe – organ
In cooperation with the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians

Already during our first festival a year ago we had the goal of paying more attention to our own excellent musicians who are known and cherished as members of an ensemble but whose modesty rarely allows us to hear them as soloists. Although Ene Salumäe is a qualified choir conductor, church musician and harpsichord player, her main instrument can still be considered the organ. Thanks to her father, a pastor, she studied playing the organ when she was seven. Our local audience is well aware of Ene’s skills, but the organs used in Estonia are mostly suitable for more recent music. However, more favourable conditions for her skills to show came about when Ago Tint built a baroque organ for the St Nicholas’ Church in Tallinn. As this instrument hasn’t earned the attention it deserves, there is all the more reason to come and enjoy the concert.