Leipzig 1722

Cantatas by Telemann, Graupner and Bach

Vox Clamantis and Tallinn Baroque Orchestra
Soncertmaster Veronika Skuplik
Words Peeter Volkonski
Kapellmeister Andrew Lawrence-King

In the year 1722, Leipzig Cathedral was in search of a new head of music. The most famous composer of the era was Telemann and naturally they offered the position to him. Alas, Telemann did not accept the offer and thus the next in line via the the results of a competition was Graupner. Unfortunately, his old employer did not like the idea and Graupner stayed on Darmstadt. The third choice was Bach and it was him who finally accepted the position. Fortunately, we have good records of all the cantatas brought to the competition by all the aforementioned masters of music. And these are exactly the ones that can be heard at our concert. The listeners can pick their favorite.

Program in Estonian is here

On November 27th 2022,

6 PM

White Hall at the House of the Black Heads (Tallinn Philharmonic Society)