Music by Clément Janequin etc.,

Poetry by Clément Marot

The early-music ensemble thélème is one on the most renowned in the field and has just been crowned with the Gramophone Award. Their program is centered around Clément Janequini, a well-known renaissance-era composer. Though the names of the authors of the poetry of the vocal music from that period have rarely survived, the situation with this program is a little different – the author for the poetry of a few dozen pieces of Janequin’s music is definitely a famous poet called Clément Marot. The duo of Marot’-Janequin is one of the first examples of cooperation between an poet and a composer and has given inspiration to thélème for the creation of this program.

Program in Estonian is here


Photo’s: Lucia Hunziker

On November 22nd 2022,

6 PM

Tallinn Town Hall